My Services

My motto is: Go Everywhere, Do almost Everything and Stay with Me.

As a private Tour Operator, beside guiding my guests, I also drive them around with my car. I provide airport pick up to my KBB PLUS guesthouse and I drive back my guests to the airport. It is advisable to reserve my Guiding Service in advance.

Having lived in Bali for such a long time, I can make sure your holiday will be a nice time to remember. Some of your might need help for shipping stuff that you buy while in Bali. Some of you might need me to help you on your shopping. I can also help you as your Shopping or Shipping Agent.

It is a way for me to honor my guests by showing them around. We can also have meals together and I can honor them by giving them some massage. It is a well known fact that Indonesians have good talent to give massage to their parents, uncles, aunts and friends.

With all my long time experience in Bali some of my guests regard me as a suitable  Problem Solver. They say that I am a person to find solutions and options for my guests.