Planning a Holiday in Bali

This website contains simple information about me and my tour services on Bali and neighboring islands. There are plenty of guidebooks on Bali that will provide detailed information about the culture and attractions of this famous island.

However, if you're looking to spend a holiday in Bali, or even if you want to live in Bali, I can help. Together we could make your time in Bali the best holiday ever!

It is my experience that many people come to Bali with specific ideas for their holiday. Some want a beautiful beach for sunbathing.

Others come to experience the art and culture. There are nature lovers who want to soak in the terraced rice field landscapes, or seekers drawn to the promise of an inner journey that this spiritual place inspires. There are many reasons to come to Bali.

Since arriving from Sumatra to live here in 1987 I've seen Bali change in many ways. Bali continues to change in two essential ways, for better and for worse. Despite the rapid changes, great numbers of visitors continue to come to Bali.

It attracts both domestic and international tourists. And in many ways Bali has had to change to accommodate the influx of people, including some (like myself) who decided to stay and make this island their home. This means that the locals have to work hard to keep Bali as it is.

A thing that makes this island unusual is its ability to absorb outside influences and yet remain completely intact as a unique and treasured world culture.

Please take the time to browse through my website. I welcome your feedback, and I'm always happy to hear from guests, both past and future.

With much love and care I would like to welcome you to Bali for your best holiday ever! Om Swastiastu!