Your Stay on Bali

Your-Stay-on-Bali (87K)You are our guest. Indonesian people are known for their hospitality. The arts, a vibrant religious culture, and tropical flora and fauna make Bali the most celebrated islands in the world. You are free to enjoy Indonesia and Bali in all the aspects that we possess.

Of course, there are still some limits. Indonesia remains a traditional culture, and its people are anchored in history and family. There are parts that are urban and may look very Western. But much of the island of Bali remains as it is since time immemorial.

Please be respectful of the local people and traditions. In many cases the rules of conduct are clearly posted, especially at religious sites. 

Your-Stay-on-Bali2 (31K)

Concerning the unwritten rules, I will cover these in detail during the course of our time together. Bali offers a lot to its visitors. Your experiences here will make you want to return again and again.

All we ask of any visitor is polite respect for the local people, the environment, and the cultural traditions. With this attitude there will a traditional Bali to return to for generations to come.