Upon Arrival

Once you clear the Immigration desk at Ngurah Rai International airport proceed to pick up your luggage and then on to Customs. Please remember: never bring or smuggle any kind of drugs into Indonesia. Prescription drugs should be in a container with a clearly labeled prescription. Illegal drugs are considered a serious crime in Indonesia, and drug smuggling is punishable by the death penalty.

Once you go through Customs you will encounter a number of people who want to carry your luggage for you. It's always best to find a cart and take your luggage yourself. But if you must engage a local to collect your luggage, please make sure that you have small change to pay them. About USD $2 or $3 should be enough. Please note that you will not be able to exchange money before you pass the Customs desk.

After Customs you will see the Welcome to Indonesia sign. You could change your money into Indonesian currency (called rupees, check current rate here) using any of the available exchange vendors.

If you are traveling with US dollars make sure that the currency is in excellent condition and dated no later than seven years ago. Indonesian banks favor the most crisp and current dollars and often refuse to accept notes in a bad state, or give you a lower rate for those.

Also, beware of fraudulent moneychangers on the street. Getting your money from an ATM is always a good idea: it's safe and the exchange rate is the best. Look for ATMs with the Maestro and Cirrus logo, as they are preferred.